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Giving thanks

We are truly grateful and thankful for all of our clients, friends, and family who have supported our business this year!

It is such a pleasure to work with, consult and encourage homeowners and buyers every day. I am continually learning something new in this business, which keeps me engaged and happy to share with all of you!

On a personal note, I am feeling so blessed this year as I wrap up my 16-year foster care journey with the adoption of a sweet boy in the next few months.

I was asked to bring him home directly from the hospital NICU unit when he was first born almost two years ago. To watch him grow, explore, laugh and play has been one of the greatest blessings of my life!

My family, friends and colleagues have provided so much aid over the years, too, and I know that I could not have been successful without their love and support!

I have had the pleasure and pain of fostering many children as I watched their families struggle and succeed in gaining back their kids through this challenging system! I don’t think I would have the same level of empathy, care or a large support system without taking this fostering journey. And I can’t imagine my life without knowing all the kids that came through my home and into my life!

Blessings to you and your family this holiday weekend!

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