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Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Real Estate Deals!

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

A little history reminder: As early as the 1600s, America’s diverse populations — native peoples, Europeans and Africans — interacted to create a hybrid new world. European colonists united in 1776 to separate from England, winning a revolution based on the principles of representative government, freedom of expression and equality. Though often argued over, these rights have been expanded through the centuries to all Americans, and continue to guide us today.

Although may believe it now feels like this great American experiment is close to failing, I disagree.

I think that our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness will outweigh the disagreements and divisiveness that has been felt in this country for a long time.

So, for this weekend, I encourage everyone to get out, enjoy family and friends, this land and our country, and relish in all that we have for a moment – remembering that as bruised and battered that we may be, we still are one of the best countries on earth!

Interest rates are lower, and home prices are lower! This is definitely a time to pursue your happiness with a new home! (OK, am I trying too hard?)

Here’s the point of this post: Over the past two days, we have witnessed significant and aggressive price reductions on a number of homes in and around the Concord area. (I’m sure this is not the only city, but for this article, I’ll use it as my example).


Limeridge – 4 bedroom home, 2,300+ sq.ft., and discounted by $195,000. Sits on almost 1/3 acre lot and is in the Valle Verde Elem, Foothill and Northgate schools.

Crossings community – Another 4 bedroom home priced at $999,999 – just over 2,000 sq.ft.

And another 4 bedroom home in the Crossings and priced at $1,099,000.

These are not beat up homes that need major work. These are sellers who had already made plans to sell and use those proceeds to get where they need to be. It will not be like this in 6 weeks. There will be a leveling off or a plateau of sorts on pricing.

For now, we have a short window where better pricing and better rates are available!

Homeownership for many is the pursuit of happiness! Having a roof over your head with a consistent payment every month, where you can raise a family or enjoy the next few years in a community with others makes so many people happy!

And so my question for you would be: Who do you know that is ready to buy a house or invest in real estate right now?

Happy holiday weekend!

Until next time…

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